BetaBeat Ingredients-8 Super Components

BetaBeat Ingredients post will help you understand all the things that go in to make the product great.  I’m sure by now you must have heard of BetaBeat-Reviews, Benefits, Price, How it works, about the founder of the product-Christian Patterson and Why Liquid Blood Sugar Control is more popular than hard to swallow pills. If you haven’t you can read more about Betabeat here.

Before we begin let us understand what High Blood Sugar is, also known as Hyperglycemia. According to NHS UK

High blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) is where the level of sugar in your blood is too high.

BetaBeat Background Story

BetaBeat was formulated by Christian Patterson, who has 10 years experience in the blood sugar and glucose industry.

He came up with the idea of BetaBeat when he realized that most pharmaceutical companies do not truly represent the interest of the consumers, where their main motive is to make money out of those in dire need of medication.

He realized the best way to contribute to society is to launch a product with the right mix of natural and organic ingredients, that has been traditionally used for centuries to support modern day sickness like high blood sugar and high glucose level which are the primary cause of diabetes.

The relationship between Diabetes and High Blood Sugar can be explained in a simple way, when we consume food, our body breaks down the food into sugar to be used as energy, when we have excess sugar our body releases Insulin which are formed in Beta cells to normalize the sugar level.

Overtime with age and lifestyle choice, we may start storing more sugar or push sugar in our body than we require and our insulin secretion may not be enough to handle that extra input, thus it starts affecting other parts of our organs with serious health issues-e.g Heart, Vision, Kidney.

We may experience elevated heart beat, which in turn may lead to hypertension, vision loss can be myopic and impaired the function of the kidney which may lead to lifelong artificial dependence on Haemodialysis for liquid waste removal.

According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention There is no cure for diabetes rather a way to maintain it

Thus, BetaBeat Ingredients has the right mix of natural and organic ingredients that is designed to help you support your blood sugar level and insulin stimulation to help contain your diabetes.

What is BetaBeat?

Betabeat is a new age liquid blood sugar control syrup that comes in a bottle with a dropper, it is easy to use and hygienic, you can say goodbye to those hard to swallow bitter pills, or powdery supplements that need water, spoon and bowl to prepare.

Betabeat is easy, just press the top of the bottle and you will get the required quantity, no measurement or confusion.

BetaBeat is a natural supplement that contains 24 Organic herbs that keeps your blood sugar level stabilized. It helps prevent the occurrence of diabetes and support existing diabetes symptoms.

Ginseng and Copper found in BetaBeat Ingredients are proven as the best and proven traditional ingredients to maintain surging blood sugar levels. According to Christain Petterson, the founder, BetaBeat ingredients stimulate proper blood flow and circulation, reduce craving for jun

BetaBeat Ingredients

BeatBeat is produced in an FDA Approved Facility and complied with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the product is subjected to stringent quality control and manufactured using cold infusion process to retain maximum benefits from the natural ingredients.

BetaBeat Ingredients are:

BetaBeat Ingredients-8 Super Components
  • Maca Root:

Scientifically called Lepidium meyenii, also known as maca or Peruvian ginseng is a native of South American country Peru.It has a fleshy root that is dried or cooked as a vegetable. It has been used in the Mayan and Aztec Culture as a traditional medicine.

The plant is similar to radishes and turnips. Scientific studies have found that Maca have a positive effect on productivity and stamina. Boosting energy and improving metabolism is one of the many benefits of Maca.

  • Guarana:

Scientific Name-Paullinia cupana, is a native of central South America, the seeds of this climbing plant is similar to coffee bean. It is an effective dietary supplement and a stimulant. The plant is widely used in the health industry for athletic performance,mental performance and to contain obesity.

The fruit of the plant, similar to coffee beans, has the same growing and harvesting process, nowadays the cold pressed technology has made it more potent and increasingly helped in boosting the body metabolism process, which burns fats faster and better and keeps the sugar in the body in check.

  • Grape Seed Extract:

Grapes Seed Extract have a staple presence throughout European countries and as such the ground up seeds of red wines have been used for traditional medicines in France and surrounding countries for ages. The introduction of Grape Seed Extract as a suitable dietary supplement is a new phenomenon.

Scientific evidence has presented that it contains antioxidants, that helps in circulation of blood, stabilize cholesterol, control eye disease related to diabetes and prevents cells damage from organ issues.

It helps in improving cardiological function, lowering the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in obese people.

  • African Mango:

Scientific Name-Irvingia gabonensis, commonly called Wild Mango or Bush Mango, commonly found in the Central West of the African Continent. A nutritious mango that is highly valued for its organic benefits and supposed weight loss properties.

The prevalence of African Mango in most supplements cements the idea that it is beyond doubt that it helps control fat production, harmful cholesterol and improves cariological function.This all happens because of its inherent components that helps in burning fats.

BetaBeat Ingredients-8 Super Components
  • Ginseng:

According to Medical News TodayBoth American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L.) and Asian ginseng (P. Ginseng) may boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes

Thus, it is obvious that you get the best of traditional Medicine right inside Betabeat. Most health experts will testify that Ginseng helps in all areas of health and rejuvenation. We are glad that Gingseng is part of BetaBeat Ingredients.

  • Copper:

It is a natural mineral found in many food sources like meats, seafood, nuts and grain products. In the early days it was used in preventing infection and burns.

Copper is vital to the functioning of our natural body processes. It supports health heart and blood sugar, copper is vital to iron absorption and it revitalizes our immune system.

Since the liver regulates copper presence in the body, a good liver means a good blood sugar level for the body.

  • Astragalus:

Astragalus is part of herbs and shrubs native to China, Mongolia and Korea where it is highly regarded for its medicinal properties. It is also called Milkvetch, locoweed and goat’s thorn as per locality.

Traditional Chinese medicine practice has used it for boosting the immune system, liver and cardiovascular system.

The plant has antioxidant properties that produce free radicals and helps fight aging. However it is primarily used for treating diabetes.

  • Coleus:

From olden days to till date, this herb has been used to lighten the sensation of asthma as well as cardiovascular conditions like high systolic and diastolic. The roots of the coleus plant contain a substance called forskolin.These substances help in speeding up the fat-burning process. 

According to Wikipedia “forskolin reduces body fat mass while increasing lean body mass.

BetaBeat Benefits

When a supplement is manufactured they take into account the primary simulator that is the purpose of the product and when that is highlighted, e.g BetaBeat helps with High Blood Sugar and Glucose Level and Diabetes, along with it, they aim to improve the other functions of the body that is responsible for the regulation, maintenance and production of vital glands and secretions.

Thus BetaBeat Ingredients not only act to contain things related to your blood sugar but all the things that help maintain a stable healthy bodily functions. Let us briefly list the benefits, however you can read the full list here.

  1. Reduce Sugar Cravings
  2. BetaBeat Ingredients are sourced organically and locally
  3. Improves blood circulation in the body
  4. Betabeat helps in stabilizing High Blood Sugar and Glucose levels
  5. Infuse the body to regulate insulin levels in the body
  6. Betabeat is non-habit forming and with Non-GMO Product
  7. Zero preservatives or artificial sweeteners in the product
  8. The product is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility
  9. The product is designed and researched for high efficacy
  10. You get 60 Days Money Back Guarantee to secure your investment
  11. Two Free Ebook: 1) The Ultimate Tea Remedies 2) Learn How to Control Diabete

BetaBeat Ingredients Summary:

We hope by now you’ll have a fair idea about BetaBeat Ingredients and its benefits. We understand that any new product comes with a bit of fear and apprehension, however one medicine or supplement can be one size fits all, and it’s a matter of trial and effort to find out which one suits us the best.

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