Fortbite Tooth Powder: Strong Teeth and Gum Support

Fortbite Tooth Powder is your gateway to having strong, tough and shiny Teeth. Proper oral hygiene is essential for a healthy mouth and body. But many commercial toothpastes contain harsh abrasives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners that can do more harm than good. Fortbite Tooth Powder offers a natural alternative using time-tested ingredients that clean and protect your teeth and gums.

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What is Fortbite Tooth Powder?

FortBite Tooth Powder is a natural solution designed to enhance the health of your gums, teeth, and overall oral cavity, as mentioned earlier. Its creators refer to it as a “solid dental formula” composed of a blend of all-natural ingredients, including two types of volcanic clay. This unique formulation aims to combat various dental issues such as gingivitis, dental plaque, and bad breath.

Additionally, FortBite Tooth Powder contains ingredients known to promote digestion, improve gut microbiota, and prevent acid reflux, which can harm tooth enamel and gum health.

Fortbite Tooth Powder directly targets the root causes of numerous dental problems and conditions, making it a highly regarded oral health supplement.

One notable advantage of FortBite Tooth Powder is its universal applicability, suitable for individuals of all genders, ages, and physiological factors. Whether you’re a man in your 50s or a woman in your 20s, FortBite is designed to address severe gum issues, dental concerns, or bad breath effectively.

Within FortBite Tooth Powder, you’ll find two essential minerals from volcanic ash: bentonite clay and kaolin clay. These minerals enhance overall oral health by drawing out toxins, harmful particles, and concealed chemicals lodged between your teeth. P

Articularly proficient at extracting contaminants from dental surfaces and crevices, kaolin and bentonite clay act as magnets with an opposing charge, attracting and binding these undesirable elements.

Fortbite Tooth Powder Features

  • Gently clean and polish teeth
  • Neutralize cavity-causing acids
  • Remove plaque and tartar buildup
  • Whiten Teeth and Freshen breath  
  • Repopulate the mouth with beneficial bacteria
  • Soothe inflamed gums and Strengthen enamel

FortBite Tooth Powder employs the natural detoxifying properties of clay to rejuvenate your smile, rebuild healthy gums, and fortify your teeth.

The volcanic clay utilized in FortBite exhibits potent antibacterial and antifungal properties. Its action revolves around the elimination of germs and toxins responsible for gum diseases, tooth decay, and halitosis.

It’s crucial to note that not all kaolin and bentonite clays are safe for oral use, as some may contain heavy metals that pose health risks. FortBite Clay, however, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is free of any harmful substances.

Sourced from the South Pacific, an area known for its absence of microplastics and chemicals, FortBite Clay effectively supports the health of your teeth and gums.

Fortbite is an all-natural tooth powder that uses minerals, herbs, and probiotics to clean teeth, fight bad breath, and support gum health. It comes in powder form and is used in place of regular toothpaste.

The formula contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. And unlike many commercial toothpastes, it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or other foaming agents that can irritate sensitive mouths.

Regular use of Fortbite Tooth Powder as part of your oral care routine can help boost your oral and overall health.

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How Does Fortbite Tooth Powder Work?

Fortbite takes a holistic approach to oral care and contains both cleansing ingredients and oral probiotics. Here’s how the natural powder works to clean and protect your mouth:

  • Cleansing action: Ingredients like calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, and kaolin clay scrub away plaque, tartar, and stains on tooth surfaces, revealing whiter teeth. Antibacterial spices like clove and cinnamon suppress bad breath. The minty and ginger flavors leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • Tooth remineralization: Fortbite contains compounds like calcium, xylitol, and phosphate that deposit on tooth surfaces. This helps strengthen and repair weakened enamel and prevents cavities.
  • pH balancing: Calcium carbonate and other ingredients help neutralize acid in the mouth after eating. This inhibits the erosion of enamel and protects teeth from decay.
  • Gum support: Fortbite reduces inflammation and stops bleeding in irritated gums. Antimicrobial ingredients prevent gum disease-causing bacteria from growing out of control.
  • Probiotic repopulation: Fortbite contains over 3.5 billion CFU probiotic strains per serving. These good bacteria crowds out bad bacteria and maintains a healthy oral microbiome.

Regular brushing with the tooth powder clears away plaque and tartar so the natural antibacterial ingredients can work their magic. The longer you use Fortbite, the more it benefits your oral ecology and the healthier your mouth becomes.

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Benefits of Using Fortbite Tooth Powder

Switching from regular toothpaste to natural Fortbite Tooth Powder provides a wide range of oral and overall health benefits:

 1. Whitens teeth naturally: Bentonite clay, kaolin clay, and lemon powder gently lift stains off teeth for a brighter smile. Fortbite polishes away discoloration without harsh chemicals.

2. Strengthens tooth enamel: Fortbite Tooth Powder contains compounds like calcium, phosphate, and xylitol that remineralize weakened areas on teeth. This protects against sensitivity and cavities.

3. Reduces plaque and tartar buildup: The clays and antibacterial ingredients prevent plaque from adhering to teeth. With regular brushing, Fortbite removes stubborn tartar deposits.

4. Freshens Breath: Essential oils of mint, cinnamon, and cloves give Fortbite a pleasant aroma. Natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol suppress odor-causing bacteria.

5. Soothes irritated gums: Inflammation of the gums causes swelling, redness, and bleeding. Soothing and antimicrobial ingredients reduce gum irritation and inflammation.

6. Prevents gingivitis and periodontal disease: Fortbite creates an oral environment hostile to bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis. It helps manage or prevent these gum diseases.

7. Natural cavity prevention: Ingredients like xylitol and calcium make teeth less susceptible to acid damage. Fortbite makes it harder for cavities to get a foothold.

8. Improves overall health: Poor oral health is linked to issues like heart disease, diabetes complications, and dementia. Fortbite reduces oral inflammation to support whole body health.

9. Safe for sensitive mouths: Fortbite is free of irritants like SLS that can inflame gums and erode enamel. It has no strong detergents that sting damaged teeth.

10. Kid and pet friendly: The natural tooth powder is safe if accidentally swallowed by kids or pets. Fortbite contains nothing toxic so is gentle for the entire family.

The longer you use this natural tooth powder, the more benefits you’ll notice. Your dentist will be amazed at how clean and healthy your teeth and gums look.

How to Use Fortbite Tooth Powder for Best Results

Getting the most out of Fortbite Tooth Powder requires using it properly. Follow these tips:

  • Use Fortbite in place of regular toothpaste when you brush your teeth.
  • Apply a quarter-sized amount of powder onto a wet toothbrush.
  • Gently brush teeth and gums for 2 minutes, letting the saliva create a thick foam.
  • Concentrate on gumlines and hard to reach back teeth. But avoid over-scrubbing.
  • For stained teeth, allow powder to sit on teeth for 1 minute before brushing.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water when finished brushing.
  • For best results, brush with Fortbite 2-3 times per day.
  • Store tooth powder in a cool, dry place away from moisture and sunlight.
  • Replace toothbrush every 2-3 months to allow proper cleaning between teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups.

Be patient when switching to Fortbite Tooth Powder. It can take several weeks to see dramatic improvements as your oral microbiome resets. But sticking with this natural tooth care regimen yields multi-fold rewards.

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Key Ingredients in Fortbite Tooth Powder

Fortbite contains a unique blend of natural ingredients selected for their oral health benefits:

Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is a mild abrasive that helps scrub away stains on teeth. It also acts as a buffer to neutralize acids in the mouth that corrode tooth enamel.

Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay adsorbs toxins, plaque, and bacteria from the mouth. It helps remove stains to whiten teeth naturally.

Kaolin Clay: Also called white clay, kaolin clay gently scrubs and polishes teeth to a bright finish. It also draws out impurities from the mouth.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder: Ceylon cinnamon is antibacterial and helps freshen breath. It contains essential oils that reduce inflammation in the gums.

Clove Powder: Clove oil is a natural analgesic and antibacterial. Cloves support oral health by inhibiting plaque and easing toothaches and gum inflammation.

Peppermint Extract: Peppermint oil contains menthol, which gives Fortbite a refreshing minty flavor. It also has analgesic and antibacterial effects to clean the mouth and freshen breath.

Ginger Powder: Ginger is anti-inflammatory and promotes circulation. It inhibits oral bacteria and relieves inflammation caused by gingivitis.

Lemon Peel Powder: Lemon peel is a natural whitener that helps remove stains on teeth. The vitamin C in lemons also promotes gum health.

Myrrh: This ancient resin has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Myrrh supports gum health and prevents plaque buildup.

Stevia: Stevia adds a natural sweetness that freshens breath. Unlike sugar, stevia does not feed plaque-causing oral bacteria.

Xylitol: Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that inhibits the growth of cavity-causing Streptococcus mutans bacteria. Like stevia, xylitol does not promote dental decay.

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Who Can Benefit Most From Fortbite Tooth Powder?

Anyone can use Fortbite daily to improve their oral health. But it provides targeted benefits for people prone to certain dental issues:

Tea and coffee drinkers: Ingredients like cinnamon and calcium carbonate counteract staining and acidity from dark drinks.

Smokers: Antibacterial compounds help manage the gum disease risks associated with smoking.

People with braces: Clay powders clean around braces better than toothpaste. Fortbite prevents white spots on teeth.

Those with gum disease: Fortbite reduces inflammation and helps reverse gingivitis and periodontal infections.

People with sensitivity: Natural ingredients make Fortbite gentle on sensitive mouths. It remineralizes enamel to reduce sensitivity.

Flossers: Using Fortbite and flossing maximizes plaque removal and gum stimulation.

Denture wearers: The powder cleans dentures thoroughly to freshen breath and prevent fungal growth.

Teeth grinders: Soothing herbs and xylitol reduce inflammation from bruxism and TMJ disorders.

Pregnant women: Moms-to-be can safely use Fortbite to improve pregnancy dental health.

How Long Does Fortbite Tooth Powder Last?

With proper storage, Fortbite maintains its freshness and potency for years. Each 2 oz. jar contains approximately 60 uses. With 2-3 uses per day, one jar will last 1-2 months.

Tips for keeping Fortbite fresh

  • Keep jar tightly sealed between uses to maximize shelf life.
  • Don’t let moisture get into the powder – only dip a dry toothbrush into the jar.
  • Use a clean, dry utensil each time you take powder from the jar.
  • Look for any changes in texture, consistency, or smell that may indicate spoilage.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold. Don’t refrigerate or freeze.
  • Discard and replace if you notice any mold or fungus growth in the powder.

With proper care, Fortbite can maintain effectiveness and a pleasant taste for years if stored well. Order in bulk packages for convenience and savings.

How Much Does Fortbite Tooth Powder Cost?

Fortbite offers a powerful natural oral care solution at an affordable price:

  • 1 Jar (2 oz.) – $69
  • 3 Jars – $177 ($59 per jar)
  • 6 Jars –  $294 ($49 per jar)

Buying Fortbite in 3 or 6 jar bundles provides increasing discounts. A 6 month supply provides the best value.

Each jar contains approximately a 2 month supply when used 2-3 times per day as directed. This makes the daily cost between $1.15 and $1.73 depending on bundle size.

Compared to commercial toothpastes that undergo heavy processing and use synthetic ingredients, Fortbite delivers exceptional quality and oral health advantages at a competitive price.

Fortbite Tooth Powder offers further savings by reducing costly dental visits. Improved oral health means less need for fillings, cleanings, and procedures to treat issues like gum disease. Less agony and lower dental bills are a wonderful bonus!

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Fortbite Has a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Fortbite for a full 60 days to experience the remarkable difference it makes for your oral health. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, let the company know to get a prompt and courteous refund.

With this customer-friendly guarantee, you assume no risk in trying Fortbite Tooth Powder. There’s no need to return the jars – just contact customer support if you don’t get the results you hoped for.

Fortbite was created to provide noticeable improvements in gum health, teeth whitening, fresh breath, and other dental concerns. The company stands behind its quality formula.

Is Fortbite Tooth Powder Safe?

Fortbite is very safe thanks to its all-natural formula free of harsh ingredients. It contains only food-grade compounds considered safe by the FDA.

But as with any new oral product, take care if you have allergies or sensitivities. Do a small patch test on your skin before use. Stop use if any discomfort occurs.

Fortbite Tooth Powder is not meant to treat serious dental infections. See your dentist if you have signs of advanced gum disease. For any other concerns, consult your healthcare provider before using.

Some key points about Fortbite safety:

  • Made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility following GMP standards
  • Free of fluoride, SLS, triclosan, microbeads, glycerin, and other harsh ingredients
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free (not tested on animals)
  • Safe for use by adults, children, pets, and pregnant/nursing women
  • No numbing ingredients like benzocaine that can harm children if swallowed
  • Only uses natural ingredients shown safe for long-term oral use

With no toxic chemicals or additives, Fortbite provides oral care you can feel good about.

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Scientific Support for Fortbite Ingredients

The natural ingredients in Fortbite Tooth Powder are backed by considerable scientific research showing their oral health benefits:

Probiotics: A study had volunteers chew gum containing the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri for 2 weeks. Probiotic gum was shown to reduce gingivitis, plaque, and bleeding compared to placebo gum. [1]

Peppermint oil: In a 4-day trial, a peppermint mouth rinse demonstrated anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis abilities comparable to chlorhexidine, the gold standard. [2]

Myrrh: Researchers found that myrrh mouthwash reduced gingival inflammation markers by 65% over 6 months, and was effective as an adjunct to professional dental treatment. [3]

Xylitol: A meta-analysis reported that regular xylitol use decreases dental plaque accumulation and results in a statistically significant reduction in caries rates. [4]

Clove: A study showed clove oil to have the highest antibacterial activity against oral pathogens like P. gingivalis among 16 essential oils tested. [5]

Ceylon cinnamon: Compounds in Ceylon cinnamon inhibit bacteria that cause oral infections including streptococcus mutans, the main culprit behind cavities. [6]

Calcium: Multiple studies reveal that higher intakes of calcium support better oral health, stronger teeth, and reduced risk of periodontal disease. [7]

Fortbite Tooth Powder

Switch to Fortbite Tooth Powder for Better Oral Health

If you want an all-natural alternative to commercial toothpaste, Fortbite Tooth Powder is an excellent choice. It uses time-proven ingredients like antibacterial herbs, probiotics, and white clays to support complete oral care.

Fortbite is vegan, non-GMO, and made in the USA. It’s fluoride-free and contains none of the artificial additives found in regular toothpaste. The longer you use Fortbite, the more benefits you’ll notice to your teeth, gums, breath, and overall health.

With zero risks thanks to the 60-day guarantee, order Fortbite today to reclaim your natural oral health starting with your next brushing!

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