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What is Vitafirm?

Vitafirm Reviews will uncover everything you have to know about the product Vitafirm, now What is Vitafirm? It is a health supplement for boosting men’s sexual and reproductive health using an organic and time tested natural ingredients.

Vitafirm champions itself as a one stop solution for all urological issues like erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction treatment, erectile dysfunction causes and erectile dysfunction support.

Vitafirm believes that no man should be left wanting from his capacity to satisfy a woman, the loss of confidence suffered due to erectile symptoms and issues, trust deficit formed by absence of  bedroom activities, that men suffer stress from deteriorating manhood and impact his social and personal life.

Vitafirm has an answer to all that and more, it also helps improve different paradigms of your life. Stay tuned this will be the most comprehensive cache of information on What is Vitafirm?.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Causes and Symptoms

ED as it is known is a ‘condition’ and there are medical and non medical causes. According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. “Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which you are unable to get or keep an erection firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse.” There are three main symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction viz. 1) Unable to get erection 2) Unable to keep erection 3) Reduced sexual desire.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction as per Mayo Clinic “Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the 1) Brain 2) Hormones 3) Emotions 4) Nerves 5) Muscles and 6)  blood vessel”

Mental and Social Issues caused by Erectile Dysfunction

It is no secret that being unable to attain an erection can set off host of psychological and social issues, thought it is a matter of an individual life, it can have a wide range of impact on his life, unlike woman whose arousal is neither visibly noticed physically, unless closely examined, men’s capacity to portray his masculine comes into question if he can’t attain or seem to represent his sexual desire by an erection.

It can lead to loss of face in front of his partner resulting in low self esteem and the feeling of failure in his manhood. Stress and anxiety builds up and he is unable to be confident with woman and at the back of his mind he would questions his self worth.

The inability to have satisfactory sex life results in relationship problems with his partner, accentuated by the fact that he can’t get is partner pregnant or have a wholesome sexually liberating union. However it is not the end of the road if you’re suffering from such a problem. Vitafirm is here to answer all your queries.

Vitafirm Origin Story

The innovator of Vitafirm, Pete Cooper, a marriage counselor by profession, counsel and mend the relationship issues of couples and clients. However, according to him something happened to him after he turned 40, that he realized that he was not able to satisfy his wife Ashley.

He tried various methods, kinky toys, herbal lubes, creative positions, yoga and new diet, but he was dismayed by their outcome. He felt impotent, he now was suffering the same fate as the men in his counseling sessions, and his manhood was eroding before his hair turned gray.

He was on the lookout for a simple method that would be long lasting, without plethora of bizarre therapy, heart destroying drugs-the so called pharmaceuticals mass produced ‘blue pills or life threatening surgery. He was looking everywhere searching, googling, reading medical journals, he came to the conclusion that ED has nothing to do with genes, hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety or lack of confidence.

He read that according to Harvard University researchers the following treatments have no lasting effects on erectile dysfunction: Blood flow enhancers, Testosterone Injections, Penis Pumps, Hypnotherapy and time and money wasting Supplements that treat half the problems. 

Vitafirm he says will improve erectile health, it will make your Penis, bigger, fuller, harder and lasting erection to satiate all the pleasures of your partner. Mr.Cooper assures man that they will give their woman mind altering sex for hours, and be a conqueror of woman’s sexual cravings.

Vitafirm can be availed irrespective of whether you made love a year ago or had a sexless life. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from the anxiety to perform or ejaculate prematurely. The whole facet of Vitafirm is that it not only works on erectile dysfunction, even if you don’t suffer from it, you can still take Vitafirm.

Vitafirm will boost your stamina and endurance to perform, and with your new found capacity you will last longer and maybe give your woman multiple orgasms and the much cherished sex life.

Vitafirm~”Change your life and the life of your loved ones forever.

Vitafirm-Power Your Manhood Today

How is Vitafirm different from other supplement and medical prescription

  1. The medical conglomerate withholding the key to a lifelong solution to Erectile Dysfunction to continue making money.
  2. The survey among his clients proved that the maximum number of divorce occurred due to lack of long term physical intimacy.
  3. Herbal aphrodisiacs, Testosterone booster, Natural blood flow enhancer: Supplements have zero effects even after recommended dosage, in fact they come with a host of side effects heart diseases, headache, dizziness, flushing or stomach ache.  
  4. Erectile Nervous System (Penis having a mind of its own), Dorsal Penile Nerve (functions of getting and sustaining solid erection). 
  5. Penile Network-key to reviving arousal signal from the brain, less to do with blood flow or testosterone, PN(master switch) impact size and girth of penis. Weak Penile Network equals to T.v remote without battery.

Conclusion: Problem with retail arousal supplements is that they assume the above factors are caused by blood flow issue, whereas Pete Cooper realizes that strengthening of Penile Network is the key to urological problems.

To connect the ‘Real Brain with Penis Brain. Now that he was aware of the true nature of Erectile Dysfunction, what he discovered next was an amazing find.

He went on a trip to Namibia with his wife and his failing libido, there he learnt that men as old as 70 and 80 years of age were virile and getting busy with women half their age, it was an eye opener for Pete Cooper.

When he came back from the trip he came home with ingredients and other assorted ingredients from different parts of the world that truly fit the role of helping our brain connect with our penis.

Vitafirm Features

Vitafirm is manufactured using a proprietary cooling method which helps the capsule retain close to 100% potency, unlike high heat processing which negates the efficacy and affects the desired outcome from ingredients. VitaFirm features all natural ingredients that are proven safe and with efficacy in aiding erectile dysfunction.

  • Vitafirm improves Dopamine to Penis connection (Brain Signal to Penis)
  • Vitafirm works on energizing Erectile Nervous System (Brain of the Penis)
  • Vitafirm enables high latency of ‘Dorsal Penile Network’ (Getting and Sustaining Erection)
  • Thoroughly researched modern science solution to Erectile Dysfunction
  • Rejuvenate and increase Dopamine level (energy drink for sleeping penis brain)
  • Works on Nitric Oxide level for more penile girth (round and strong)
  • Non-GMO, Non-Habit Forming, Plant Ingredients, Easy to Swallow and digest.
  • Scientifically Proven, GMP compliant and FDA registered facility, Made in USA.

Vitafirm Benefits

The process of erection involves the flow of blood to the penis, a relax penis blood vessel allows for more blood intake thereby a harder and fuller erection and all this is trigger by the brain to the penis, however even when the brain signals the penis may not always answer the call, However.

Vitafirm works not only to increase the blood flow but to create a better communication between both organs of the body, a well formed coordination helps you get erection on demand. 

  • Treats the root of the problem-Dopamine to Penile Network System Deficiency
  • Improves mood, manages cholesterol, shrinks enlarged prostate
  • Enhance blood circulation, benefits cardiovascular health and control blood sugar level
  • Improved mating activity of ejaculatory function
  • Boost your bedroom confidence and subdue performance anxiety
  • Starts working as per recommended dosage
  • Improves overall health-stamina, endurance and reduce stress
  • No side effects due to natural ingredients
  • Top tier ingredients sourced locally from farms


Pete Cooper quest for the elixir of manhood, he came across 14 rare ingredients, he individually took them with no resulting effects. However, with a scientific temper in mind, he thought of mixing all of them, he took a trial by manufacturing sample products with all the ingredients in a bottle.

When consuming the ultra absorb-able capsule, on the third day he noticed a bulge, and it slowly started having an effect. He further signed up test subjects who came to his counseling sessions and later on heard great stories about their performance. Vitafirm Ingredients formula is a testament to ‘Rock Hard Erections

  • Muira Puama- According to the National Library of Medicine “Ptychopetalum olacoides (Muira puama), also called “potency wood,” grows primarily in Brazil. Popular belief claims that it can improve sexual function especially in old men.” It is also considered generally as a Natural Aphrodisiac. We can further conclude that as per Webmd “Muira Puama is used for sexual disorders, increasing sexual desire in healthy people”. It is scientifically proven that Muira Puama can improve fleeting men’s libido and improves the cycle of erections. The recommended Vitafirm dosage can help men to get aroused when they demand it.
muira puama
  • Turnera Diffusa– also known as Damiana, a shrub native to South America other parts of both sides of the continent has been used by the Mayan with great effect for various purposes. According to National Centre for Biotechnology Information research they quote “The results support the use of Turnera Diffusa as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine and suggest possible therapeutic properties of Turnera Diffusa on sexual dysfunction”. Turnera Diffusa instigate the dopamine levels to rise, delimiting stress which can caused sexual performance anxiety. Moreover, it has natural compounds that revive the quality of sperm mobility and can increase fertility. VitaFirm refers to it as a “natural erection enhancer.”
turnera diffusa
  • Catauba Bark– According to Indigo Herbs U.K  “Catuaba is a legendary Brazilian Aphrodisiac plant first used by the Tupi Indians, with many songs composed over the last few centuries praising its wonders and abilities.” Catuaba is used to heighten sexual arousal and treat male sexual performance problems. Catuaba is clinically proven to increase sexual urges and improve penile sensitivity . It works by heightening sexual senses instigating better orgasms. Catuaba is a organic aphrodisiac that influence men to maintain strong and harder erections. Vitafirm Catuaba also comes along with packed antioxidants that fights free radical and improves overall blood flow to and fro the penis.
catuaba bark
  • Epimedium- Epimedium, also known as barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, horny goat weed, or yin yang huo. According to Medline “Horny goat weed contains chemicals that might help increase blood flow and improve sexual function.” The plant is common to Asia and Mediterranean region. Science Direct says “Epimedium sagittatum and others have been used to treat illnesses such as erectile dysfunction, joint pain, and fatigue.” Epimedium works as a PDE5 inhibitor. It can cause blood blood flow to the penis region as well as increases oxygen circulation in the body. Epimedium is known by different names and it has been used as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicines since time immemorial, however scientific research has been inconclusive.

How Vitafirm Works

The age of men have impact on his metabolism and as such we cannot expect the physical stamina of a youth in comparison to a middle aged man, however when it comes to physical intimacy, irrespective of age, man’s capacity to reproduce dive well into even old age, that is the equal leveler between man of any age. It basically cements the fact that erection doesn’t age like our body age as generally assumed. 

How Vitafirm works is that irrespective of age, it relaxes the blood holding veins in the penis and causes the flow of blood into the penis, and it’s no secret the more blood pumps into penis, the bigger, harder and erect the penis becomes.

The biology behind is that Vitafirm stimulates your Dopamine, which according to Cleveland Clinic

“It’s made in your brain and acts as a chemical messenger, communicating messages between nerve cells in your brain and your brain and the rest of your body.” 

Dopamine helps you to have better sleep, sex, stabilise your mood, increase your focus, improves memory, enhance sexual pleasure and makes sexual experience enjoyable, boost your sexual appetite and stamina, rejig your sex drive. Vitafirm offers all that and a gateway to naturally increase your dopamine and improve your overall mental wellbeing.

Who can use Vitafirm?

Vitafirm is for men who have Erectile Dysfunction as well for those who may not have ED but wish to increase their overall stamina, endurance, physical and mental wellbeing. The product will unleash your sexual prowess, you will feels satisfied and last longer. However the product is not designed for minors and the opposite sex.

Vitafirm Side Effects

“No side effects except for ruined bedsheets and loose bed joints.” is what Pete Cooper said and maybe you’ll leave your partner shaking like a leaf branch. Vitafirm does not have any side effects. This is due to the usage of all natural ingredients found in every bottle of Vitafirm.

There are no side effects as long as you stick to the recommended dosage, it’s twice a day, in fact we’ll talk about this in a while. However try not to go beyond two a day, in want of quick results we might end up hampering the natural flow of our body.

However if you feel any harsh medical complication from it you can consult a doctor at once, though so far there has been no report as such.

Is Vitafirm legit?

Vitafirm is manufactured in the USA, following the guidelines as per Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and in a FDA certified facility. Not only that it is scientifically proven to work and the product is non habit forming, which basically means that it is non addictive and you can start and stop at any point of time, unlike other supplements or prescription blue pills, which one you take and got the results, you need to continue taking it to have a lasting effect. Vitafirm is a one time solution to long lasting impact for a healthy sexual and reproductive health.

Vitafirm Consumer Reports

Pete Cooper who is professionally active as a marriage counselor manages to earn the respect and positive feedback from the impact Vitafirm has on his clients. The product innovator as a marriage counselor and as such he is socially connected with his clients and his initial test subjects among his clientele proves that his product is groundbreaking in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment. At the moment we cannot divulge the privacy of those who have benefited from Vitafirm, since its a confidential matter.

Vitafirm Dosage

Vitafirm can be taken one dose per day for the first week, anytime of the day,  preferably with a glass of water after a meal to have the desired long term beneficial effects. However if you wish to have the effect set in sooner you can add a second dose to power your erections before getting into action. The pills are easy to swallow and ultra absorbable and easy to digest. One bottle of Vitafirm comes with 60 dopamine enhancing capsules to increase dopamine level.

Where to Buy Vitafirm?

Vitafirm recommends buying the product from associate distributors or from the official website, online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart charged commissions which has a direct impact on the price by making it out of reach for everyone.

Vitafirm projects itself as a cause of all man folk and they wish to replace the costly and ineffective off the shelf supplements and break the big pharma nexus with the medical fraternity by fielding in a groundbreaking product. Buy Vitafirm the most affordable and cost effective Erectile Dysfunction supplement to date.

How much does Vitafirm Cost?

Vitafirm costs $69 per bottle. Other nerve damaging supplements that come with a host of medical side effects cost $99(which includes shipping and handling charges).

Vitafirm as a brand new product, the manufacturers waive off shipping and handling charges which otherwise would be as expensive as other products. You save $12.99 with Vitafirm just by ordering.

According to the manufacturers, to replenish an out-of-stock order, it takes about 90 days, since all ingredients have to be imported, sorted, manufactured, seal, pack and ship. Vitafirm recommends you buy in bulk, either due to the long gestation period or the rich monopolistic big pharma company coming down on them.

Vitafirm costs $49 per bottle if you are buying 6 (six) bottles in a bulk, that will be enough to get you going from Flaccid to Full set. And you can live free from Erectile Dysfunction. Kiss your darlings and perform with confidence and boost your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Recommended.

Vitafirm costs $59 per bottle if you are buying 3 (three) bottles, this is if you are still unsure about the product and want to see how it’s gonna work out for you. This package will bridge the gap between having zero erection to slowly picking up the pace. Recommended if you are a first time user, however there is no guarantee if the stock ran out.

If you compare the one bottle supply with the 6 Bottle Supply, if you Buy Vitafirm 6 Bottle supply you save $120 and that’s a save of close to 50% Discount

What Are The Modes Of Payment Available to Buy Vitafirm?

You can pay either using your Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, MasterCard, or Visa credit card or using your PayPal account when purchasing Vitafirm. The payment process is secured by Verisign, encrypted checkout with SSL and Security checked servers.

Does Vitafirm have A Money Back Guarantee?

There is an old adage saying ‘Health is Wealth’ and to generate that kind of wealth, consider Vitafirm as an investment for better health, and yes your investment is protected 24/7 by a hassle free comprehensive 60 days money-back-guarantee to ensure that for a moment you won’t feel like you have been denied the same facilities that you enjoyed in other marketplace.

When you order Vitafirm, it will be shipped immediately at no extra cost to you, and will be at your doorstep in five days plus, in a discreet package, so that your secret remains the way it should be.

Vitafirm Summary:

Vitafirm is not like a mass produced supplement or medical prescription medicine, it is a journey of a man who suffers from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and his quest to treat it by learning, searching and researching, unlike those off the shelves products where there is no intimacy to find a solution to a problem, rather to fill the gap and make money.

Vitafim will give you a sense of  control over your life, that your body should be at your command and no one should suffer from your inability to perform your role as a lover, partner or a husband.

Vitafirm will revitalize your dopamine, increase the blood flow to your penis, promote your mental and physical health, and you can wake up in the morning feeling satisfied and getting back what you thought you had lost.