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3AD Supplement by Enhanced Labs, review by Good Health Guides will explore what the 3-AD Supplement is and its main ingredient, 3-AD (androst-5-ene-3a 17b-diol), a patented prohormone known for its impressive androgenic potential.

This natural adrenal metabolite has the capacity to enhance muscle strength and size while also aiding in weight loss. The supplement Enhanced 3-AD delivers a significant dosage of 75mg of dehydroandrosterol (3-AD) per serving.

In this review, we will delve deeper into the key features and potential benefits of this innovative supplement. Stay tuned we got a Coupon for you.

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What is 3Ad Supplement

3-AD, also known as 3-Androstanediol, is a compound that belongs to a class of substances known as androgens. Androgens are a group of hormones that play a role in the development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics and have various other physiological functions in both males and females.

The specific compound, 3-AD androst-5-ene-3a 17b-diol, is a steroid molecule with a structure derived from the androstane ring system. Its name can be broken down as follows:

  • 3-AD: This is a shorthand or abbreviated way of referring to 3-Androstanediol.
  • Androst-5-ene: This indicates the chemical structure of the molecule, which includes a five-membered ring (hence the “5-ene”) and is characteristic of many androgens.
  •  3a,17b-diol: This part of the name specifies the positions of hydroxyl (OH) groups on the molecule. In this case, it has hydroxyl groups at the 3a and 17b positions.

3-Androstanediol is a metabolite of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a potent androgen. It can also be converted into other androgenic hormones in the body.

While androgens like testosterone and DHT are primarily associated with male sexual development and secondary sexual characteristics, they also have other functions in the body, such as influencing muscle growth, bone density, and red blood cell production.

The main ingredient in Enhanced Labs 3AD Supplement is 3-AD (androst-5-ene-3a 17b-diol), a patented prohormone. 3-AD is a natural adrenal metabolite that has impressive androgenic potential. It can increase muscle strength and size as well as support weight loss. The supplement Enhanced 3-AD contains 75mg of dehydroandrosterol (3-AD) per serving.

3-AD is an androstane prohormone that exerts its effects by converting into active androgens and hormones in the body through enzymatic processes. It is not a hormone itself but rather acts as a precursor that amplifies the effects of testosterone and other muscle building hormones in the body.

Enhanced Labs 3-AD Supplement Features

  • Chemically structured similar to testosterone and DHEA
  • Patented compound with research demonstrating its efficacy and safety
  • Converts to more potent androgens in the body like testosterone and DHT
  • Increases protein synthesis leading to accelerated muscle gains
  • Enhances strength, power, endurance and recovery
  • Helps burn fat by increasing metabolism and lipolysis
    Not a controlled substance and 100% legal

Unlike anabolic steroids, prohormones like 3-AD work with the natural processes and hormone production in the body. This makes them a safer, non-toxic alternative to boost androgenic activity for gym-goers and athletes.

How 3ad Supplement Works

How 3AD Works: Unlocking the Mechanisms Behind Its Benefits

The remarkable 3-AD, or androst-5-ene-3a 17b-diol, operates within the body through a complex yet fascinating interplay of biochemical reactions. Delving into the intricacies of its mechanisms, we gain a deeper understanding of how this compound exerts its effects to promote muscle growth, fat loss, and overall performance enhancement.

  1. Absorption and Conversion: When ingested orally, 3AD Supplement embarks on a journey through the digestive system. Here, enzymes come into play, converting this prohormone into active hormones. It’s a pivotal first step, as it sets the stage for the cascade of effects to follow.
  2. Testosterone Production: One of the primary outcomes of this conversion process is the generation of testosterone. This essential male hormone plays a central role in muscle development, and 3-AD contributes to its elevation. Testosterone can be produced directly or indirectly through intermediate conversion into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  3. Hormone Diversification: Beyond testosterone and DHT, 3-AD’s transformative abilities extend to the realm of hormones. It also has the potential to convert into estradiol, a form of estrogen, albeit to a limited extent. This diversification of hormone profiles sets the stage for a holistic approach to body optimization.
  4. Androgen Receptor Interaction: Once these hormonal transformations occur, the increased testosterone levels journey through the bloodstream to reach muscle tissues. There, they engage with androgen receptors, triggering a cascade of biochemical processes.
  5. Protein Synthesis and Muscle Repair: Activation of these androgen receptors is a pivotal moment. It initiates critical processes such as protein synthesis, muscle repair, and overall growth. This means that muscles experience faster turnover and improved nitrogen retention, which are essential elements of muscular development.
  6. Strength Gains: As 3AD Supplement enhances protein synthesis and triggers muscle growth, the contractile units within muscle cells, namely actin and myosin, increase in both size and number. This leads to substantial strength gains, which are crucial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  7. Fat Utilization: The elevated testosterone levels induced by 3-AD have an additional advantage. They tap into stored fat reserves, promoting lipolysis—the breakdown of fats into fatty acids. This dual-action effect creates an environment where the body simultaneously builds lean muscle and burns adipose fat.
  8. Balanced Enhancement:  Importantly, while the effects of 3-AD are potent, they are notably milder than those of injectable steroids. However, they still stand as a significant augmentation compared to the body’s natural testosterone levels. This balance ensures that users can enjoy substantial benefits without the extreme risks associated with synthetic anabolic steroids.

In essence, Enhanced Labs 3AD Supplement operates as a catalyst within the body, optimizing its internal environment for muscle growth, fat loss, and enhanced performance. By magnifying the benefits of strength training, it fosters a dynamic synergy between the compound and the body’s inherent growth processes, unlocking the potential for remarkable physical transformation.

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Enhanced Labs 3ad Supplement Dosage

The common dosage for Enhanced Labs 3AD Supplement prohormone supplements is between 50-150mg per day. The recommended dosage of Enhanced 3-AD is 75mg of 3-AD taken twice daily, so 150mg total each day.

Here are some key dosing guidelines:

  • Sold in bottles with 30 capsules containing 75mg 3-AD each
  • Typical dosage is 75mg, twice per day
  • Do not exceed 150mg per day due to increased side effect risks
  • Cycling on and off is recommended, avoid extended use cycles
  • Take doses with food to aid absorption and minimize gut irritation
  • Spread doses evenly throughout the day for stable blood levels

Dosages differ based on individual factors like age, gender, goals, and sensitivity to androgens. Women may opt for lower 25-50mg doses while men often tolerate 100-150mg. Adjust accordingly and monitor your body’s response.

Taking 3AD Supplement twice per day provides stable elevated androgen levels without unwanted spikes or crashes. Never take all 150mg in one single dose. Cycling the supplement both on and off is important – continuous use beyond 8 weeks is not recommended. This on/off cycling supports the body’s natural hormone production.

3ad Supplement Benefits

Using the prohormone 3AD Supplement offers several performance and physique enhancing benefits:

Muscle Growth

The heightened protein synthesis and nitrogen retention from 3AD’s Supplement anabolic effects directly translate into muscle hypertrophy. More muscles are built when the body is in an amplified muscle building state.

With disciplined training, 3-AD can help pack on lean muscle mass. Gains of 5-15 lbs are possible in 6-8 weeks with proper exercise and nutrition. The muscles appear fuller, harder and well-defined.

Strength Gains

Increased muscular strength is another benefit of 3-AD supplementation. The muscles grow larger and can generate more force. Users often notice being able to lift heavier weights, do more reps, and break old strength plateaus.

Power output increases as well. More force and power allows you to train harder and heavy each gym session. 3AD Supplement helps harness all that newfound strength into even greater muscle growth.

Fat Loss

The heightened metabolism and testosterone levels cause a considerable uptick in fat burning with 3-AD use. Less fat covers the muscles allowing for greater definition.

This fat burning effect helps prevent the addition of excess body fat during a growth cycle. By supporting your body’s lipolysis process, 3-AD enables staying lean while adding quality slabs of muscle.

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Enhanced Recovery

Intense strength training can drain bodily resources and leave you feeling fatigued or sore. The boosted androgen levels improve protein synthesis which replenishes tired muscles and speeds healing.

Users remark about faster recovery times between workouts. Less downtime between gym sessions enables training harder and heavier more frequently.

Sexual Health

The prohormone activity of 3AD Supplement translates into an amplified libido and sexual function in both men and women. Through heightened testosterone and DHT, it enhances virility, desire, and performance.

Athletic Performance

The combination of strength enhancement, lean muscle gains, fat loss, and robust recovery demonstrates why 3AD Supplement can boost athletic capacities.

Powerlifters, strongmen, sprinters, fighters and other athletes can gain that extra edge in competition. Of course, competitive athletes need to ensure compliance with any anti-doping policies.

Mental Edge

In addition to the physical effects, some users report a mental edge – feeling more energetic, motivated and focused while using 3AD supplement.

3Ad Supplement Safety and Side Effects

Compared to illegal anabolic steroids, prohormones are an alternative for those wary of health risks like liver toxicity. Still, 3AD supplement is not risk-free so responsible use is recommended. Here are some tips:

Follow recommended dosing guidelines, more is NOT better

  • Avoid stacking with other potent androgens
  • Use cycle lengths of 6-8 weeks to prevent hormonal imbalance  
  • Get regular bloodwork to monitor health markers
  • Stay very hydrated daily to support liver function
  • Limit or avoid alcohol which also taxes the liver
  • Be aware of increased aggression or irritability as potential side effects
  • Not recommended for those with prostate disorders or breast cancer
  • Seek medical guidance if concerned about hormonal imbalances or reactions

When used properly, 3AD Supplement from Enhanced Labs presents low risk of the serious side effects associated with anabolic steroids. Still, mild symptoms like acne, headaches, light prostate swelling, or greasy skin may occur.

Prohormones also suppress natural testosterone production which necessitates proper post cycle therapy and recovery. Running a supplement like D-Aspartic Acid or DHEA post-cycle can aid the body’s hormone rebalancing.

Working with a knowledgeable coach or doctor is ideal to control safety. For most healthy adults though, short 3-AD cycles of 6-8 weeks pose little risk when controlling dosing and cycling properly.

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What to Stack with 3AD Supplement

Part of 3-AD’s appeal is how well it stacks with other supplements or prohormones. Stacking creates a synergistic effect for amplified results. Some best pairings include:

  • Testosterone Boosters

Since 3-AD already converts to testosterone, stacking it with natural test boosters magnifies results. Products like Tribulus, Fenugreek, or D-Aspartic acid combine for higher test levels.

  • Other Prohormones

Users sometimes blend 3-AD with milder prohormones like 1-DHEA or 4-DHEA. This enhances the overall androgenic power and muscle building effects.

  • Estrogen Blockers

Pairing 3-AD with an anti-estrogen like Resveratrol or 6-OXO helps control estrogen and maximizes the testosterone conversion.

  • On Cycle Support

Liver, cholesterol, and prostate support supplements keep you healthy during cycles. Milk thistle, NAC, Saw Palmetto, or Hawthorn Berry extract offer added protection.

  • Post Cycle Therapy

Post-cycle products like Clomid help recover natural testosterone function. This is critical to maintaining gains long-term after discontinuing prohormone use.

  • Protein Powders

Whey, casein, and plant proteins provide amino acids to fuel the accelerated muscle protein synthesis that 3-AD enables.

By thoughtfully stacking compounds that complement each other’s effects or control side effects, 3-AD works even better.

Pros of 3AD Supplement

Let’s summarize the main advantages to using 3-AD:

  • Incredible muscle building and strength enhancing effects
  • Burns fat, boosts metabolism and supports getting lean
  • Speeds workout recovery time
  • No liver toxicity unlike methylated prohormones
  • Minimal side effects for most users
  • 100% legal and available over the counter
  • Works fast acting unlike natural test boosters
  • Versatile prohormone to stack or use solo

For motivated individuals seeking muscle gains without illegal anabolic steroids, 3-AD represents an appealing option.

Cons of 3AD Supplement

While its pros are substantial, here are the main downsides to 3-AD:

  • Suppresses natural hormone production
  • Can negatively impact cholesterol levels
  • Long-term safety data is limited
  • Not a suitable long-term solution for muscle gains
  • Gains decline quickly post-cycle without PCT
  • Increased risk of side effects at higher doses
  • More expensive than natural testosterone boosters
  • Not allowed for drug-tested athletes and competitors

Reaching optimal results means being smart about cycles, dosing, and post cycle therapy. When used judiciously, 3-AD generally provides substantial benefits with manageable drawbacks.

3Ad Supplement Conclusion

For anyone seeking to amplify their gym results, 3-AD is an exciting option that delivers noticeable muscle and strength improvements fast. Compared to the major health risks of anabolic steroids, this patented prohormone offers a viable legal alternative.

Responsible short cycle use of 3-AD can ignite new growth and performance gains. Just be sure to control dosing, monitor health, support post-cycle recovery, and avoid any compounds if competitive regulations forbid them. Armed with this knowledge, 3-AD offers a way to push your physique to thrilling new heights!

Enhanced Labs 3Ad Supplement Pricing

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  • Quantity: 30 Capsules
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